Do you have chronic pain? When you woke up today did your body feel stiff? Do you feel achey when you get out of a chair or after exercise? Do you find yourself adjusting, stretching, cracking or rubbing your neck or back to try to relieve tension? Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Are you a sports person who keeps getting injured?

Then MELT® is for you….

What is MELT?

The MELT Method® (MELT®) was created by New York City manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann.

It is a simple self-treatment that reduces chronic pain and helps you stay healthy, youthful and active for a lifetime.  The ultimate goal of MELT is to improve your body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself.  It offers natural pain relief allowing you to address the true cause of chronic pain, not just mask the symptoms.  Just 10 mins of MELT 3 times per week is all you need to become a Hands-Off Body Worker and reduce the effects of accumulated stress caused by daily living.  This full-body method of self-care can be customized to your particular needs – from improving performance and decreasing the risk of repetitive stress injuries to eliminating chronic pain, regardless of what’s causing your pain in the first place.

MELT uses specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and four different balls, and is designed to reconnect whole-body communication, rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate the connective tissue, and release compression in joints.

How does it work?

People get into pain for all sorts of different reasons – injury, illness, or even doing an exercise or movement they have done a thousand times – but you may be surprised to learn that the primary reason pain becomes chronic is always the same: connective tissue dehydration. This dehydration happens to every one of us due to the sitting, texting, working at a computer, playing sports, and other repetitive movements that we do every day. And if you do nothing about it, this dehydration accumulates and causes what we call ‘Stuck Stress’.  Stuck stress can cause stiffness, achiness, and discomfort in your body, and over time even contributes to sleep and digestive issues, extra weight, stress injuries, and mood swings.  Left unaddressed, Stuck Stress leads to chronic pain.

What are the signs of Stuck Stress?

  • Stiffness and achiness
  • Joint pain or swelling
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Lack of energy
  • Stress Injuries
  • Headaches
  • Poor digestion
  • Poor posture and more…

We tend not to look after our connective tissue, mainly because most people don’t know what it is or how to take care of it.  Connective tissue is the three dimensional system under your skin that supports, protects and stabilizes everything. Skin, bones, nerves, blood vessels, every cell in your body relies upon this flexible scaffolding to remain stable. MELT is a clinically proven method which stimulates the amazing healing power of your body’s connective tissue and helps to relieve aches and stiffness, improve performance, and erase the negative effects of aging.

Who is it for?

MELT is for anyone who wants to slow down the aging process and live pain-free. For women and men over 40 who want to stay active, mobile, and independent – MELT is a must. MELT is also for active younger adults and athletes who want to maintain a healthy body and achieve optimal performance without debilitating wear and tear.

If you are injured, post-surgery, pregnant, overweight, sedentary, out of shape, or have limited mobility, chronic pain, knee or hip replacements, or bone disorders – you can still MELT. It’s the best starting point for any exercise and wellness program.

Lisa is an experienced massage therapist and MELT Instructor specializing in the treatment of pain.  She is passionate about helping clients to learn how to look after their own bodies.

Learn how to become your own hands-off body worker.

Introductory session of one hour – try MELT for yourself and see how it can help - £50

Course of 6, 1 hour sessions - £270

For more information and a no obligation chat please contact Lisa on 07795247885 or email at