What our patients say...

Radius has changed my life!! I had had excruciating pain when walking for about 18 months. I saw Zoe at Radius who is amazing - kind, caring and knows her stuff!!! She immediately diagnosed valgus knees (inward turning knees). I was given two simple but incredibly effective exercises, which I do every day without fail. Within a few days of seeing her and doing the exercises I was pain free. My problem was sorted in two visits to Zoe. Now, a few weeks later, I am back to walking several miles a week. If I hadn't gone to Radius I would still be in great pain, barely walking, taking pain killers every day and be in very low spirits. I can't thank Radius and Zoe enough for giving me my life back!!

I was relieved to at last speak to someone who understood my condition. I had been seeing a physio who was I believe making my condition worse by giving me advanced exercises. Gary has given me basic stretches and simple exercises and the results have been very good. After a short time I was pain free and sleeping much better.


I Find Gary Nicholson first Class, his treatment plan, understanding of my condition and explanations all good and gives 100% every time.


I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the whole setup you have. It’s absolutely brilliant. 
I’m seeing Ian and he is excellent and the online programme he set up for me in an App is beyond belief. 
So professional, so professional! 


Highly recommend Radius. I always feel welcome and appointments run on time. I've been for physio several times and have great confidence in Radius and the quality of treatment. My grandparents have also been for physio at Radius and have been just as pleased with the results from the treatment and recommendations.

I have been seeing Gary Nicholson from Radius Healthcare for the past 5 months. From the outset he has provided the highest standard of care and throughout my treatment I have had total trust in the treatment he has provided. He is an absolute credit to the organisation, his positivity and happy nature has been so inspiring to me. Additionally, the other staff on the front desk have been brilliant each time I have seen them, professional, friendly and always smiling.

I highly recommend Radius Healthcare. I had a knee surgery and I've had the guidance of Radius in my recovery, I am impressed by the professionalism and kindness, my physio is really good at his job and I've had high quality attention. The staff are nice and diligent.

I have going to Radius for many years and have found them to be very professional, helpful and knowledgeable, especially Zoe Dennet whom I always see. Now I am in the Montefiore hospital and seeing Gary who is very encouraging and helping me get back on my feet and has just the attitude and standard I have come to expect from the staff at Radius

Excellent care and attention to help me recover from ACL reconstruction. it was a long and slow recovery but with constant consistent care, advice and support from Paul I'm now fully recovered. without Paul's knowledge and expertise it could have gone differently. he never gave up on getting me back to full strength.

I have been recommended to Radius Healthcare for treatment after a bilateral knee replacement 2 1/2 years ago and now a shoulder replacement. I cannot rate the staff highly enough, from the physio I saw in the hospital after my operation to the staff at Radius I started seeing three weeks after my Op. On this occasion I have been seeing Paul, his compassion, understanding and complete professionalism; has .made sure I have been totally at ease and understood exactly what I need to do to progress. Having had an operation recently himself, Paul has had an insight into how the patient feels firsthand; vulnerability, the lack of confidence, Total frustration of being helpless and out of control,and in some cases the fear of not achieving that mental target we all have of normality after a procedure. He has listened attentively and understood exactly where I am in my progress whilst adhering strictly to the protocol set out by the surgeon, thus enabling me to regain control in a measured way. Well done Radius for the wualityi of your physiotherapists and staff.

I've been going to Radius for years as a result of being rather accident prone! I wouldn't go back to them if their treatment wasn't first class. As well as conventional physio treatment, the provision of classes (e.g. Pilates, Knee Fit), and hydrotherapy means that patients have the opportunity to continue to progress and strengthen beyond the 'normal' treatment.

I was referred by the NHS to Stuart Osborne (Consultant Physio) three years ago and following MRI I then had a replacement hip about eighteen months ago and his advice was invaluable.

I have attended physiotherapy sessions with Gary Nicholson over the past six weeks.

This email is to convey to you how impressed I have been with his treatment and care to aid my recovery, following keyhole surgery by Mr Chauhan some eight weeks ago.

Gary has encouraged me from the very beginning. He has given me excellent guidance on the right exercises to do at home and as a result of his direction, combined with my application, I am making excellent progress.

I would certainly recommend Gary and the Radius Practice.

Kindly ensure this email is passed on as appropriate, including sending a copy to Gary.

Thank you
Yours sincerely

I was driving home from a meeting tonight when I heard Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 ask for inspiration to get her back on the road to train for a half marathon. She was complaining about all the resistances she has to simply getting out and ‘doing it.’ I jotted something down and emailed it in.

At approximately 8.45 she read out my email! 

Here's what I wrote: 

"Dear Jo, 
Jettison the ‘have to’ mentality. Run because you want to. Think how good you’ll feel — not only when it’s over — but every step of the way. Don’t force it. Let those endorphins kick in. Enjoy it because you’re doing it — and because you can. Take it from someone who has been running on and off for more than 40 years, in and out of injuries: Your body & soul will thank you. Have a great run!”

Now while I’m happy to have the 30 seconds of fame (I posted it on my FB page because I was so buzzed), I have to admit that if it hadn’t been for you, and your help in getting me back on the road again, I never could have had the chutzpah to offer my advice.

So thank you — once again! 

Please pass on my Mega Thanks to John for his expertise and professionalism!  At my last apt he gave me some exercises which I have done am and pm for the last 12 days and my pain in my back has decreased by 80 % and I am off to play golf this am. 

THANK YOU John.  I have got my mobility back.

 I will definitely pass his name to all my friends as the best Physio in Town!!!

 Kind Regards. G M.

My Pilates class has been brilliant, I'm not a big fan of exercise but Pilates has really helped me after years of back pain.


Having just received my last session of my physio following on from my operation in the Montefoire hospital. I would like to express my thanks for the help & excellent treatment i have received at Radius. 


I just wondered if you passed feedback onto management regarding consultations. If so I wanted to praise Ian for my visit this morning. I have past experience of poor standards when visiting healthcare professionals so to have a consultation with Ian this morning, that was so in depth and helpful deserves recognising and hopefully you can feed this back. His knowledge was vast, his manner was professional and understanding and i felt that he went above and beyond his requirements to assist my needs. 

I will be visiting again in 10 days and i'm also highly impressed with the reception staff and overall environment of the Radius clinic.

 Kind regards 


Having finished my allowed six sessions post spine operation last week, I thought I should tell you about my treatment from Gary Nicholson.

I first met Gary when I has some leg pain at the end of March. We tried together to find out the cause of the problem ........ and although I did the recommended exercises nothing got better. Poor Gary made the mistake of leaning over me on his table when he asked me to lift my leg. Being addicted to yoga, I'm fairly flexible; my leg came up so quickly I almost knocked him out.

The next time I saw Gary was when I was recovering from a L4/L5 miscrodiscectomy in the Montefiore. He told me how to get out of bed and then offered help to walk to the loo. It was declined and he seemed surprised I made it in one piece!!

I have listened to Gary's professional advice during my recovery; it's like a little bird tweeting in my ear! I hear him when I get out of bed, his advice always sensible, and I heard him when I went back to yoga and he said, until the 12 week point, 'no forward bends or twists.' I am now over
four months past my operation and am completely healed. Gary thought I would have a relapse but I proved him wrong!!

He is a very likeable, professional, knowledgeable individual. He is a real asset for your practice.

Best wishes

 Hi Sam,

Just wanted to let you know how much better I am and to say thank you for all you did – I really appreciate it. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to just go to sleep on either side!

In the nicest possible way, I hope not to see you again for a while – but great to know you are there!

Best Wishes


Consultant letter praising Iain the physiotherapy at Radius.

I was delighted to hear from my patient that he has gone from being a "cynic” to being a "believer”!

He has got on really well with his physiotherapist and he has had dramatic improvement both in his mechanical back symptoms and also in his right lower limb radicular symptoms.

Iain has now discharged him and given him a home program to carry on with and I stressed the importance of doing this.

I have had lower back problems for over 20 years with painful flare ups on many occasions.  However for the past 3 years i have been doing regular Pilates at Radius and find my flexibility has improved plus my back problems have improved a great deal. 

I would recommend Pilates to anyone with joint problems.


It is now more or less 5 months since my Total knee replacement and my improvement is such that I feel I no longer need your services! A great recommendation indeed.

I would like to thank you very much indeed for your invaluable advice and support over the past months. You were such a huge help to me ( even though I had to wear your (Radius ) shorts and my boots and walk through the waiting room !!! Not a good look!! ) I am more than happy with my new knee and, should I ever require further advice, hope that I feel I can contact you.

With very best wishes 


I wanted to tell you about the fabulous service I have received from Gary Nicholson. From the outset he has provided the highest standard of care and throughout my treatment I have had total trust in the treatment he has provided. He is an absolute credit to your organisation, his positivity and happy nature has been so inspiring to me.Thank you to Radius for such a great experience. Lastly, your staff at the front desk have also been wonderful always helpful and smiling!

Kindest Regards


I have just paid my fee for the next eight weeks of Gillian Pink's "Beginners" sessions on Mondays beginning 12.30 and ending at 13.30.

This seems a good moment to comment on the excellent experience which she provides.

The variety of  exercises she selects ensures constant interest from all the  participants in her class.

The continual gradation of skills is so well managed that we all progress and , at the same, time enjoy the experience. Each week has a different mix of activities .... a tribute to skilled planning.

Her professional manner is both calm, encouraging and clearly grounded in her knowledge of the benefits of Pilates.

Your team is fortunate to have her expertise to call upon.

Please congratulate her for me.


Mr Gowan Hewlett

Hi Fabiano, 

I hope all is well.  Just a quick update; 

I saw an Orthopaedic specialist  yesterday and after an MRI, your suspicions were correct. I have 3 slipped discs in my back causing me the discomfort. The doctor will be writing to you and I also have the scan on CD. (I am booked in to see you on Monday). 

Anyway the main reason for my email is that my doctor, Mr Simon Moyes, recognised your name and spoke highly of you. He seemed familiar with your work and proceeded to tell the trainee physio who was also present in the room that this is the level she needs to be at! 

So thank you again (and thank you to Stuart for calling in sick on Monday) because I am in very good hands !!!! 

See you next week


 Hi there,

I just want to say how lovely it was to meet you all during my six weeks of 
physio at Radius.

The positive atmosphere and encouragement has definitely helped my recovery.

Very Best


Following a back injury some five years ago, I have attended Gill's Pilates class. This has been of great benefit, I am supple and can still garden and walk well at 89 years old.

The members of the class are delightful and friendly, I can recommend this form of exercise - especially with such an excellent instructor.

Pilates keeps me moving which i need especially with my desk  job these days. Historically I had problems with my hip but Pilates seems to have sorted it! 

Also I have osteoporosis but Gill understands and shows me how to adapt some of the exercises. 


It's a year today since I had my hip replaced and I just wanted to let you know how I'm getting on, also to thank you for your help in my recovery and the new lease on life this has given me.  When I look back on the difference this year has made, well....I can't begin to tell you how much it has changed my life. To be pain free, drug free and able to walk, dance, cycle, swim and exercise is a revelation. I count myself lucky to have come under your care.
 So, a huge 'thank you' for all you have done for me and best wishes,