Our Fees

Credit Card Details

From Monday 2nd December we will be asking all of our current patients and all new patients to register their credit card details with us.  This will help your billing run more smoothly and reducing your waiting time before and after your appointment.

From 1st November 2021 our fee structure is as follows:

Physiotherapy initial session (30 mins):£50
Physiotherapy follow up (30 mins):£45
Home visits (30 mins):£55
Home visits (1 hour):£90
Hydrotherapy (initial / follow up: 30 mins): £55
Massage Therapy (1 hour):£50
Myofascial release (60 mins or 90 mins)£55 - £78
Pilates assessment 45 mins (30 mins for referred patients) :£50 (£45)
Pilates Classes (eight x 1 hour classes): £90
Knee fit class (1 hour):£10
Nutritionist assessment (1 hour 15mins): £75

Nutritionist follow up (1 hour):