Knee fit

Here at Radius we run a Knee Fit Class to help improved strength, balance movement and confidence in your legs.

Although the group has become to be known as the 'Knee Fit Class', it is actually much more encompassing than that.  The class includes people with hip, knee, foot and ankle problems.  We regularly see people before or after operations (such as arthroscopies, ligament repairs and joint replacements) or those trying to avoid going down the surgical route.  The class is for anybody who would benefit from improved strength, balance, joint movement, flexibility and overall confidence.

Once referred by one of our physios, we will assess you, take a good look at your bio-mechanics and your balance.

You will then receive a personalised exercise program to focus on individual areas that may need some fine tuning to help you get the best out of your legs. Our aim is to encourage you and help you work towards an exercise or activity goal by working through appropriate progressive exercises in a group environment.

It does not matter what shape you are in, or whether you have any previous injuries. We will be able to tailor your rehabilitation exercises to suit you and also join in with the rest of the group to share your experiences and also have fun!

If you are interested in finding out more or you think this is the group for you, please speak to a member of our physio team.


Knee fit Timetable

Tuesday13.15–14.15,   14.15–15.15